Meet the Team


Patient Care Coordinator

My passion for dentistry has kept me in this field for many years. My favorite part of dentistry is educating people and building strong relationships. I’m always learning new things. Dr. O’Leary was my dentist before I became part of her team. I love her thoroughness, honesty and her caring nature.


Patient Care Coordinator

I love my work because of the variety that it entails—I am a dental assistant and a patient care coordinator as well. I am blessed to be able to help patients in different aspects of their dental experience. I am with them while they have their treatment done and I also help them coordinate their care at the front office. What I love about working with Dr. O’Leary is how much she truly cares about her patients and her staff. She is one of the most grateful people I have ever met!


Financial Coordinator

I have been in the dental field for more than 18 years and have enjoyed every position that I’ve had. I really enjoy meeting patients and their families. The best part is I get to know each one of them like family. Knowing that I can provide some assistance and reassurances to patients about their dental needs gives me great pleasure. In the time that I’ve known Dr. O’Leary, I have noticed that she truly cares about her patients and staff. She interacts with her patients like they are her own family. This speaks volumes for a healthcare provider. She also treats her staff with great respect and she makes our working environment even more special. Dr. O’Leary wants each member of her staff to succeed and be their best by giving us the opportunities to succeed in our positions. I am truly thankful for being a part of her wonderful team!


Dental Hygienist

What I love most about being a dental hygienist is building strong relationships with patients and providing dental education and personalized care. I enjoy taking a gentle approach to the treatments I provide. I feel an great sense of accomplishment whe I help patients conquer their dental fears. I love working with Dr. O’Leary because I have never seen a healthcare provider who truly cares about her patients the way Dr. O’Leary cares. Not only is she kind and caring, she listens to what people have to say. Dr. O’Leary makes work fun and she is a great educator. I can’t wait to learn more “tricks of the trades” from an amazing person and dentist!


Dental Hygienist

I really enjoy being a hygienist because I like helping people and I like building relationships with my patients. It makes me happy to see people smile. What I love most about working with Dr. O’Leary is that she is not only a wonderful person, but a great dentist too. She’s fun to work with and she’s a team player. Patient care is her number-one priority!


Dental Assistant

What I enjoy most about my job is helping patients who are apprehensive about dental work. It makes my day when I can make patients comfortable and less fearful. I am happy to be in a profession where I can meet different people and get to know their families. I like seeing the little kids get excited about coming in to see us. Dr. O’Leary is very professional, friendly, kind, and generous. She makes me laugh with her sense of humor. She takes care of her staff like they are her family!


Dental Assistant

What I  love about dentistry is getting  to meet new people and build a relationship with the them. My goal is to make patients comfortable and less fearful when coming in for dental work. I love working with Dr. O’Leary because she truly cares about her patients. She has a special relationship with each patient. Dr. O’Leary is the best teacher and she teaches me new ways to do things. I am proud to work in this amazing office!